Current Legislation: June 2023

Number Author CSU Position Overview SSU Effects Current Situation
AB 25 McCarty D Tracking Student financial aid: Middle Class Scholarship Program. Expands protection for middle-class scholarship recipients from changes in income lowering award levels.  Likely little cost to SSU. Senate Rules
AB 252 Holden D Oppose The College Athlete Protection Act. Some costs if a degree completion fund is needed at SSU, but a good donor opportunity. Senate Rules
AB 255 Alanis R Tracking Public postsecondary education: priority registration for first responders. Some benefits if SSU can recruit first responders that want to pursue degrees or degree completion Senate Education
AB 299 Holden D Pending Hazing: educational institutions: civil liability. Costly if hazing happens and creates litigation that is successful; extends campus into the liable parties Senate Rules
AB 322 Mathis R Pending Veteran and California National Guard Supplemental Orientation Act of 2023. Costs would be covered by the state, and could help more students choose SSU Senate Rules
AB 447 Arambula D Tracking Public postsecondary education: students with disabilities: inclusive college pilot programs. More costs, but good from some of our students that face challenges by expanding inclusion Senate Education
AB 461 Ramos D Tracking Student safety: fentanyl test strips. Additional costs of these strips available at Student Health Center Senate Education
AB 504 Reyes D Pending State and local public employees: labor relations: disputes. Little cost for SSU, simple grants the Public Employment Relations Board the ability to hear disputes on public employee labor relations issues. Senate Rules
AB 506 Fong, Mike D Pending California State University: graduation requirement: ethnic studies. Unsure how this is different than current Title V regs, but would require at least one 3-unit course for Ethnic Studies Senate Rules
AB 569 Garcia D Pending Veterans: cybersecurity apprenticeship program. Would force a new program to be developed by 2025, but it may be centralized and fully online (CalState Online) Senate Rules
AB 603 Cervantes D Tracking Public postsecondary education: diversity: report. More staff and administrative time to provide report on diversity Senate Rules
AB 607 Kalra D Pending Public postsecondary education: course materials. Increase in display costs and staff time to meet compliance of website and physical posting Senate Rules
AB 624 Grayson D Pending Postsecondary education: disabled student services: assessments. CSU system would be required to pay for diagnostic assessments for DSS students; UC campuses could choose, but the state needs to provide the funds either way.  Increase staff time on compliance. Senate Education
AB 656 McCarty D BOT Sponsored California State University: doctoral programs. Could support our health sciences proposal with doctoral-level programs on campus for regional workforce. Senate Rules
AB 659 Aguiar-Curry D Tracking Cancer Prevention Act. Requires more immunization records (Hep B and HPV if 26 and over), adds to paperwork before admission, including grad students.  Increased staff time for sure. Senate Rules
AB 746 Sanchez R Tracking Learning-Aligned Employment Program: eligibility and priority. Changes eligibility requirements for under-represented students and asks for prioritization for under-represented students to access learning to employment programs versus the program only being for under-represented students.  Should expand availability. Senate Education
AB 789 Wilson D Pending Student financial aid: Cal Grants: satisfactory academic progress. Likely means fewer students are retained in the short-term or more advising staff time needed, unknown final standards. Senate Education
AB 793 Bonta D Pending Reverse Demand: communication devices and government entities Make police job harder if police cannot use electronic devices to identify someone or a location. Assembly Third Reading
AB 840 Addis D BOT Sponsored Tied-house exceptions: advertising: California State University campuses. Could provide new revenue sources (specifically wine and beer advertising) on campus/offset is alcohol advertising to students Senate Governmental Organization
AB 1082 Kalra D Pending Authority to remove vehicles. Small effect on SSU, unless a student car is towed and there is some fallout Senate Rules
AB 1123 Addis D Oppose California State University: employees: paid parental leave of absence. Probably some effects on productivity for staff, little change for faculty (same language as vetoed bill from 2022 bill cycle) Senate Labor, Public Employment and Retirement 
AB 1138 Weber D Pending Postsecondary education: sexual assault and sexual violence prevention: transportation services. Would help students in crisis on campus, if and when there was an issue, unknown what agency ultimately pays for these services Senate Education
AB 1311 Soria D Pending Public postsecondary education: allied health programs: assessment. Establish a Hospitals First Revolving Fund that can help struggling (primarily rural) hospitals, likely little cost to SSU but perhaps some gains for healthcare programs. Senate Rules
AB 1524 Lowenthal D Pending Postsecondary education: on-campus access to drug testing devices. Some costs for student affairs and health services Senate Rules
SB 11 Menjivar D Oppose unless amended California State University: mental health counseling. Could mean an additional staff person or 2 at SSU as growth takes place. Assembly Higher Education
SB 28 Glazer D Support Education finance: school facilities: Public Preschool, K–12, and College Health and Safety Bond Act of 2024. Large number of additional compliance hurdles and limits if bond financing is used, additional staff time and cost Assembly Higher Education
SB 58 Weiner D Pending Controlled substances: decriminalization of certain hallucinogenic substances Adds psilocybin, psilocyn, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), ibogaine, and mescaline to list similar to cannabis in terms of decriminalization (not full legal); Chief Oweis and other CSU Police Chiefs very concerned. Senate Third Reading
SB 234 Portantino D Tracking Opioid antagonists: schools, college campuses, stadiums, concert venues, and amusement parks. Extends Narcan requirement such that minimum of two staff at any and all events on campus know where Narcan is available. Assembly Desk
SB 307 Ashby D Tracking Middle Class Scholarship Program: community colleges: current and former foster youth. Provides more information to foster youth about scholarship programs, should help some of our students that are former foster youth. Assembly Higher Education
SB 447 Atkins D Support GO-Biz. Little change for SSU, expand scope and funding for GoBiz, the statewide economic development agency. Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy
SB 633 Gonzalez D Support California DREAM Loan Program: DREAM grants. Could help our DREAMers and future students that are DACA, potential fundraising opp Assembly Higher Education
SB 640 Portantino D Pending California State University: food service contracts and hotel development projects. Cost of negotiations if a labor "peace" agreement is not currently in place, costs of new service 24/7 by 2026 Assembly Desk
SB 661 Bradford D Pending Student Athlete Bill of Rights. For SSU, only applies if media rights are signed. Assembly Higher Education
SB 791 McGuire D Pending Postsecondary education: academic and administrative employees: disclosure of sexual harassment. Likely more background check burden for new hires and unknown if this violates federal employment law. Assembly Higher Education
SB 808 Dodd D Pending California State University: terms of employment: settlements and retreat rights. May or may not be good, depends on how final bill is written with respect to administrators and their ability to retreat Assembly Higher Education
SB 829 Wilk D Pending Ticketing Basically keeps Ticketmaster (or similar primary ticket provider) businesses from exclusive agreements Senate 3rd Reading
SB 856 Glazer D Pending California State University students: California Promise: Finish in Four and Through in Two. Good for recruiting needs to be managed, especially if SSU struggles to recruit new freshman and transfers Assembly Higher Education